Crane lift

Over the weekend we rearranged the workshop to take delivery of a hot tub (COVID purchase!)
We rearranged it back over the past two days, and I helped move a heavy workbench by controlling floor crane.

The “Pelloby” crane came into our possession due to lack of CE marking, rather than failing any safety-related or other regulatory compliance. It is a small counterbalanced floor crane, with a telescopic boom. Max SWL is 350kg at the first position, reducing to 250kg at the second position, and 175kg in the third position. Lifting is manually controlled by a piston (similar to a car jack).

I controlled the steering and lifting and lowering of the bench, while the husband controlled the load. There was a slight mishap lowering with too much torque applied to the flow return valve, meaning the bench came down too fast! Luckily, no injuries or damage, but the bench needed to be lifted again into position, and was lowered correctly. Later, we lifted the vertical bandsaw back into its original position. Prior to the delivery, I helped as “bankswoman” controlling the load while we cleared space.

Thanks to Lifting Safety for the definitions.

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