DIY – Cladding

Something a bit more lighthearted than my last blog; I am helping my husband with cladding the workshop and outbuilding with green oak boards. The cladding provides insulation and soundproofing; and makes the buildings look a lot nicer than the odd bricks and concrete blocks that they are constructed of. Waterproof membrane was installed before cladding.

Membrane on Workshop

Installation requires measuring, cutting, and lining up the board. The oak boards are quite heavy and installation has been a two-person job on the long boards. The boards are then nailed into place with stainless steel nails (mild steel will corrode due to the presence of tannin). We used a nail gun, which is a huge labour saver!

For the workshop door, a gap needed to be left for the cladding to go into when the door is fully open. I suggested using some leather we had lying around to make a waterproof, flexible, covering for the hinged area; making it look more stylish than the membrane-fabric backing the cladding.

Leather covering hinge

The workshop is looking a lot more stylish than before!

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