Resources and Guidance for Engineering Students #2

I have recently completed my HND, so I thought I would share some of the useful resources I have picked up along the way with other students starting out on their undergraduate journey. Split into three blogs, this second blog focuses on engineering principles required for all disciplines. Part 1 has some general engineering resources covering all subjects.

Part 2 – Engineering Principles for all Disciplines

In my college, Mechanical and Electrical students were taught together for Maths, Science, Design, and Project. I’ve also covered Health and Safety and Maintenance as these are generic. Electrical students may wish to look at my third blog if they are studying Industrial Services at Level 5.


Math Is Fun – Helped me with rudimentary maths such as fractions, and to understand more complex maths such as differentiation and integration.

Engineering Mathematics by K.A Stroud (book). Covers most of the mathematics covered in HNC.

Electronics Blog by Syeda Amna Ahmed – their blogs helped me understand the methods for different number systems (binary, octal, hexadecimal etc).

Purplemath – simple explanation of the conversion of radical to fractional exponent


Derivation Calculator – used to check my calculations and see the method when I’ve gone wrong

Rapidtables – I used to verify my results for number system calculations


HyperPhysics – Database-type webpage developed by Georgia State University. Containing a lot of explanations for physics and engineering subjects. Not updated since 2016

Physics Hypertextbook – In-depth discussions about physics phenomena with derived formulae – I found it particularly helpful for simple harmonic motion

Dynamic Periodic Table – Click the element for its properties

Online Conversion – used for various unit conversion, many exist but this has several conversions


AZO Materials – “online publication for the Materials Science community”. Useful articles include the logic behind material codes, and material composition and properties (such as structural steel).

Matmatch – another materials database. Designed for buyers to find suppliers.

Electrical / Electronics

Electronics Tutorials – my go-to as a mechanical student!

Electrical 4 U – another go-to. Also covers Industrial Services/Thermodynamic topics such as Rankine Cycle

Electronics Tutorials – In-depth discussions with diagrams

CAD / Design

AutoDesk offer free student licences. I have used AutoCAD for more than just CAD modules; I have used CAD to generate accurate vector diagrams, phase diagrams, beam deflections, and cam profiles. I found that I never opened the books when it came to using AutoCAD – I searched the website or the forum for answers!

Technology Student – Found their explanation on Third Angle Orthographic simple

TWI – Weld symbols and explanation

Health and Safety / Maintenance

HSE – The UK authority on health, safety, and environment. Use case studies to back up health and safety assignments, and risk pages for risk assessment/work controls. HSE also publishes regulations on machinery and maintenance procedures for plant and equipment.

Allianz – Useful PDF guide “to assist in the identification of plant and equipment along with applicable legislation, periodicity of inspection and industries where it might be used”

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